Sunday, July 9, 2017 bulletin

Pastor: Tim Reimer
Caring Team: Margaret A., Jonathan S.

Continuing the ministry of the Danforth (1909), Morningside (1950) and Warden (2009) congregations

We welcome all guests who have joined us. 
Worship services are recorded and will be posted on the Church website.   Congregational prayer and sharing time will be omitted.

Summer Worship Theme:     Bind Us Together

Sunday, July 9, 2017                                       
10:30 a.m. Worship Service     
Sermon             Appearing of the Royal People of God
Scripture                     Acts 1:1-8
Speaker                        John E.
Worship Leader      Linda D.
Song leader                Dalton J.
Piano                              Jessie Y.

Sunday, July 16, 2017                                     
10:30 a.m. Worship Service     
Speaker                        Tim R.
Song leader                Bonnie W.
Piano                              Kathy W.


TRC Call to Prayer

Father God,

Part of love is trust.  Right now, trust is broken.  Because of decisions that have been made in the past and unfortunately even in the present, it is difficult for many Aboriginal people in Canada to trust in institutions.  We ask that Library and Archives Canada will help in the building of trust by making important documents available.  Help them set up systems and resources that include the full scope of Canada’s history, including what occurred in residential schools, so that there is access to truth through transparency.  We pray that in providing public access to all archived records on residential schools, trusting relationships can be established.     Amen                         Context: TRC Call to Action #69



On Sunday, June 25, 2017, $365 was designated in the offering to pay for the KAIROS Blanket Exercise workshop.  Thank you to all who contributed.

Who’s in our House
in July & August

July 17-21                          Community Christian TOOLS group
July 24-28                          Camp Shalom Leader TOOLS group
July 28-31                          Campbell TOOLS group
August 4 – 7                      Zurich MYF TOOLS group
August 12                           Men’s breakfast
August 13                           Joint service at Willowgrove
August 17                           Floradale Mennonite Church TOOLS group
August 25 – 27                New Life CRC TOOLS group


Vacation Bible Camp
August 14 to 18
Toronto Chinese Mennonite Church

Youth Delegates WANTED @ Assembly 2017. 
Details at