Sunday, Augut 27, 2017 bulletin

Pastor: Tim Reimer
Caring Team: Margaret A., Jonathan S.

Continuing the ministry of the Danforth (1909), Morningside (1950) and Warden (2009) congregations
We welcome all guests who have joined us. 

Worship services are recorded and will be posted on the Church website.   Congregational prayer and sharing time will be omitted.

Summer Worship Theme:     Bind Us Together

Sunday, August 27, 2017   
10:30 a.m. Worship Service     
Scripture                       John 15:18-20, Hebrews 13:3
Worship Leader        Linda D.
Song leader                  Dalton J.
Piano                                Roger H.

Sunday, September 3, 2017   
10:30 a.m. Worship Service     
Speaker                        Tim R.
Worship Leader      Sue S.
Song leader                Sue S.
Piano                              Roger H.

Pastor Tim has been on vacation this past week, and returns on Sunday, August 27th.  For matters of pastoral concern, please contact one of the Caring Team, whose contact info is in the bulletin.

Call to Worship

Leader:           We have gathered to rejoice in our oneness in Jesus Christ!  Each of us experiences faith and life in a unique way.

People:          Yet we have one God, one faith, and one baptism, and one Spirit who unites us all.

Leader:           Let us lift our hearts as one, in songs of praise, in prayer, and in listening for God’s word.

All:              Even when we leave this place, let us be joined in common concern for humanity, like that shown by Jesus Christ.     Amen.


TRC Call to Prayer

Father God,

You are Father to the fatherless.  We ask that Aboriginal people who are struggling to care for their children will be surrounded by those who will come alongside as supporters on the journey to becoming healthy and godly parents.  We pray that You will help Aboriginal parents to love and nurture their children so they do not have to be removed from their homes.  When necessary, we ask that others in the Aboriginal community will step forward to care for children who are neglected – particularly those within the child’s own community and nation.       Amen
Context:   TRC Call to Action #4


Please remember Jacob F. in your prayers.

James, Ruth and family are in the Dominican Republic. Jacob has had an accident requiring stitches done in surgery.  James says “no broken cranium or blood on the brain but the cut was massive and quite bad.”   May our thoughts and prayers surround the Friesen family with our love and give them comfort in this time of need.



Jesus Said “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these” Matthew 19:14
The Christian Education Committee is looking for Sunday school teachers.  With the growing number of children attending Danforth we are hoping to run 3 classes this year.  We need teachers to help out with the Wee Wonder (Preschool), the Primary class (K-3) and our Multiage class (Gr3 & up).  We would like to have a good rotation of teachers so that it’s not a weekly commitment.  Please contact Becky B. by email if you are interested in teaching. (bowman3rebecca @


Who’s in our House
 in August & September

August 25 – 27                     New Life CRC TOOLS group
September 1 – 3                  First Hmong MC TOOLS group
September 9                          Men’s Breakfast
September 11, 27               A-Way
September 12, 19, 26       William Graham Singers
September 13                        COSA training


Treasurer’s Report: $13,995 in offerings was received in July. $8,216 is needed each month to meet our budget. We are grateful for the extra donations in July which has helped to reduce our deficit.



Opportunity to Participate in Violence Reduction

Sarah T., Christian Peacemaker Teams Director from the Chicago office, is visiting Toronto in September with the purpose of finding Christians (and others) who would like to participate financially in the violence reduction work of CPT, in North America, including Canada, as well as in the several overseas locations where Christian Peacemaker Teams work.

For example Rachelle F., CPT Canada Coordinator and CPTers who live in Toronto have been working with others in the City to non-violently resist the growing Islamophobia and White Supremacy we are seeing on our streets. Sarah and Rachelle would like to meet with you if you have an interest in being a partner in the important work of violence reduction in a Christian context.

Please speak to Murray L. or contact Rachelle F. at or tel. 647-339-0991

Toronto Mennonite Festival

Saturday, September 16
at Black Creek Pioneer Village
1000 Murray Ross Pkwy
North York, ON (near Steeles Ave. & Jane St.)
See  &

Volunteer requests from Danforth Mennonite Church members:

Members of Danforth Mennonite Church have traditionally contributed to the fund raising for Mennonite Central Committee at the Toronto Mennonite Festival by preparing and selling ‘Sloppy Joe’ sandwiches during the day. Thank you to our past volunteers. We continue to require volunteers this year for the following contributions and tasks:

  1. Volunteers are needed to pre-cook 5 pound batches of Sloppy Joes, freeze at home in freezer bags and then drop the frozen packages off to the church freezer the week prior to September 16. About 6 to 8 packages of ‘meat Sloppy Joe’s’ are needed plus 2 ‘meatless Sloppy Joe’ Please speak to Linda DeH. for the recipes and otherinstructions. 
  2. Volunteers – two – for 8 am to 10 am to help Mike & Linda set up.
  3. Volunteers are needed to staff the tent during the day, from 10 am to 3 pm. It is desirable to have three shifts of three people, but if some volunteers can stay all day then they can do more than one shift with breaks between. A couple of people are also required for take-down of the tent after 3 pm. An incentive for volunteers is that they get into the TMF free
  4. If you can arrange a ride, please do so. If you need a ride or can volunteer to drive some people, please contact Murray L.
  5. If you can help out in any of these ways, please speak, phone or email Murray L., and/or Mike and Linda DeH. A sign-up sheet will be available.
  6. Even if you are unable to volunteer, please consider attending and invite your friends to the Toronto Mennonite Festival. Net proceeds go to the good work of Mennonite Central Committee.

Housing needed

Salmon D., a member of our sponsored family from Eritrea is looking for shared accommodation along the Danforth/Bloor Subway line. Salmon is 17 years old and is in Grade 11 at St. Patrick Catholic Secondary School (near Greenwood Station). He works part time in a downtown restaurant and is quite independent. Housing could be within your home or in a basement apartment. If you are interested, please contact Barry J. at 416-564-9077
Barry.brj @

Water Ceremony
Honoring and Renewing our Relationship with Water

Saturday, September 30, 2017   6:00 p.m.
Five Oaks Education and Retreat Centre
Paris, Ontario

The invitation to this event is open to all who wish to celebrate Creator’s gift of Water, renew friendships and walk together. Take this opportunity to invite those in your circle to come along to the Grand River where we will raise awareness about the critical place Water holds in the circle of life.