Sunday, December 24, 2017 bulletin

Pastor: Tim Reimer
Caring Team: Margaret A., Jonathan S.

Continuing the ministry of the Danforth (1909), Morningside (1950) and Warden (2009) congregations
We welcome all guests who have joined us. 

Worship services are recorded and will be posted on the Church website.   Congregational prayer and sharing time will be omitted.

Sunday, December 24, 2017                 ADVENT 4   
10:30 a.m.  Worship Service    
Worship Leader      Tim & LaVerna R.
Song Leader              Bonnie W.
Piano                             Kathy W.
Media                            Roger H.

Children of all ages will be included in the telling
of the Christmas Story.

There will be no Evening Service on December 24th.

Call to worship

Leader:            Yes!  The invitation to carry Light comes to each of us,  no matter who we are.

All:                     O God, you choose to dwell within us.  You promise to move about with us until we find our rest in you.

Leader:            Your call seems risky; saying yes takes away our breath.

All:                     Yet we know your faithfulness and steadfast love endure forever.

Leader:            You are our strength.

All:                       Yes! Let it be now.



O God of blessing and joy, your favor rests upon us, and our souls magnify you.  We sing of your steadfast love and proclaim your faithfulness.

We confess we often lack complete trust, walking in our own strength, building our own houses instead of joining you in turning ruins into abundance.

We are terrified and overcome by fear, wondering, “How will we know?” and pondering, “How can this be?”

We are afraid to claim and proclaim that nothing is impossible when your power overshadows us, when your Spirit comes upon us.

We find it hard to let go and say, “Here I am, the servant of the Lord; let it be with me according to your word.”  Forgive us.

Words of assurance

O God, Emmanuel, in Jesus, the Christ, you have come among us.  You have given us life, and we are restored.

TRC Call to Prayer

Father God,

We call upon the Government of Canada to provide multi-year funding for the National Council of Reconciliation to ensure that it has the financial, human, and technical resources required to conduct its work, including the endowment of a National Reconciliation Trust to advance the case of reconciliation.    Amen
Context:   TRC Call to Action #54


Sunday School Schedule
Dec.  24                no adult SS
Dec.  31                no adult SS
Jan.   7                the beginning of a four week Bible study

Everyone is welcome

Note from our Treasurer

Please contact Roger H. if you would like to begin receiving offering envelopes for 2018. Also contact Roger if you are interested in starting pre-authorized donations.

We received $6,664 in offerings in November. We need $8,216 per month to meet our budget. Our 2017 operating deficit has grown to -$5,797. We will need some additional donations to reduce our deficit by year end.

Thank you to all who financially support our church.  $635 was collected at the Christmas banquet to help cover expenses. Also, please submit any outstanding church expenses to Roger by year end.
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
Sunday, January 21st

The Caring Team is encouraging us to celebrate our gifts of hospitality.  Each household will be given an opportunity either to host or to be hosted for lunch.

Charity groups are requesting donations

to support single moms, the elderly, new immigrants and other people in need during this Christmas season.

The outreach committee will ensure that your donations will be delivered to an agency in our neighbourhood.

Items needed: Financial donations and gift cards (grocery store), hats, scarves, and warm socks, family board games, toys, arts and craft kits, children’s books, personal hygiene supplies

On Sunday mornings until mid January a gift box will be located in the church lobby for the items.


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Thank you for your cooperation,
Lisa Jacky | Circulation & Finance
Canadian Mennonite

Please let Bonnie know of these changes so our records are kept up to date


Let’s pray for the family of Pieter and Susie Niemeyer.  Pieter’s father died last week after some months of struggle with his health.  And their daughter Samara was earlier involved in a car accident on the way to visit her grandfather.  She’s expected to heal completely, but this just adds to the upheaval for the family at this time.  (This past September Pieter resigned as Pastor of Rouge Valley Mennonite Church.)