Sunday, January 7, 2018 bulletin

Pastor: Tim Reimer
Caring Team: Margaret A., Jonathan S.

Continuing the ministry of the Danforth (1909), Morningside (1950) and Warden (2009) congregations
We welcome all guests who have joined us. 

Worship services are recorded and will be posted on the Church website.   Congregational prayer and sharing time will be omitted.

Sunday, January 7, 2018                       
10:00 a.m.  Adult Sunday School
11:00 a.m.  Worship Service    
Sermon                         Walk in this Light
Scripture                      Isaiah 60
Speaker                         Dalton J.
Worship Leader       Linda De.
Song Leader               Ed F.
Piano                              Bonnie W.
Media                            Hyungseok O.
Greeter                        James F.

Sunday, January 14, 2018                      
10:00 a.m.  Adult Sunday School
11:00 a.m.  Worship Service    
Song Leader             Kathy W.
Piano                            Roger H.
Media                           Murray L.
Greeter                       Dalton J.

Call to worship

Leader:           Yes!     The light is here. We carry it within us.

All:                      It is the star of the East; it is the morning sun.

Leader:           It is as long as the moon, throughout all generations.

All:                     Praise the Lord!

Leader:           You, O God, have caused the mountains to shake.

You have torn open the heavens, and your glory reaches the earth.

All:                      May we, like the magi, seek you until we find you.

May we offer our gifts in your presence, no matter where you are found.

Leader:            Yes! Let your mystery be declared.


O God, your light has come, your glory risen, and your brightness dawned, illuminating not only the way of the magi, but all our paths.
From your fullness we have received grace upon grace as your mystery has been revealed and your presence made known.  Now we too are called to arise, shine, and return by another road.

Yet we confess that instead of lifting our eyes and searching diligently, instead of walking with boldness and confidence, instead of revealing and proclaiming your presence, we cling to what we have and know, and we continue on our old, familiar ways  home.  We are frightened by the unknown, and by the darkness that covers the earth.       Forgive us.

Words of assurance

O God, Emmanuel, in Jesus, the Christ, you have come among us.  You have given us life, and we are restored.



Sunday, February 4, 2018 1:00 p.m.
DMC Annual General Meeting

There will be a finger-food potluck right after church and before the meeting.

Committee Chairpersons please email your reports to the church office by January 12th (the sooner the better) so they can be included in the report book.


2018 DMC Directory
Birthday/Anniversary updates

A list of DMC birthday and anniversary dates along with a draft copy of the DMC 2018 Directory will be left on the table outside the auditorium.  Please review the information and make any necessary changes.  Please sign your name giving permission to publish your special date(s) in the church bulletin and your contact information in the directory.


Sunday School Schedule


Jan.   7        Begin  Anew  Unit 1  read pages 1-28

plan to arrive by 9:45. The coffee and tea will be waiting.
Jan. 14         Begin  Anew  Unit 2

Jan. 21         Begin  Anew  Unit 3

Jan. 28         Begin  Anew  Unit 4

Materials available at:

Everyone is welcome

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
Sunday, January 21st

The Caring Team is encouraging us to celebrate our gifts of hospitality.  Each household will be given an opportunity either to host or to be hosted for lunch.

Who’s in our House
in January

January 9, 16, 23, 30            William Graham Singers concert
January 10                                  Yorkshire Rose Quilters
January 13                                  Men’s breakfast
January 13                                  Citizens Climate Lobby
January 26 – 27                       Freedom Gospel

Please note these dates:

Jan 10 – 16                                  Tim vacation
Jan 11 – 18                                  Bonnie vacation
January 22                                  Tim eye surgery
February 4                                  DMC AGM

In 2017 we included in the bulletin a Call to Prayer that was in response to the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action.  Starting next week, we will acknowledge UNDRP (United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples).

John Howard Yoder played a very important role in shaping Anabaptist theology and church life in the 20th century and beyond.  He also was abusive of some of his female students.  How do we weigh these realities in our hearts and minds?  How do we think and act carefully and critically about Yoder?

If you would be interested in one or two evening discussions about this, please talk to Tim Reimer or Ben Wert.  We have already contacted Lydia Harder (PhD) and she has agreed to assist in such discussions at Danforth, if there is sufficient interest.



Willowgrove is looking to fill two year-round positions that will start April 1, 2018.  The one is Day Camp Director and the other is Property Assistant Manager.  Interested applicants can contact for job descriptions and position details.
Miriam Reesor, Executive Director Willowgrove
11737 McCowan Road
Stouffville, Ontario  L4A 7X5

This will be our last week for delivering your donations

to support single moms, the elderly, new immigrants and other people in need during this Christmas season.
The outreach committee will ensure that your donations will be delivered to an agency in our neighbourhood.
Items needed: Financial donations and gift cards (grocery store), hats, scarves, and warm socks, family board games, toys, arts and craft kits, children’s books, personal hygiene supplies

On Sunday mornings until mid January a gift box will be located in the church lobby for the items.


The Mennonite Centre Heritage Club presents…
The Time is Now: Understanding Palestine
and What You Can do to Work for Peace

Canada Coordinator for Christian Peacemaker Teams

St. Clair O’Connor Community
Meeting Room
2701 St. Clair Avenue East
Wednesday, January 17, 7:30 p.m.