Who We Are

We are people from diverse backgrounds who have a common commitment to Christ coming together to form a caring community in the Anabaptist tradition. We belong to the Mennonite Church of Eastern Canada; we are part of the worldwide family of Christ.

What We Believe

We believe that Jesus Christ is Lord both of the Church and of the world and we joyfully claim Him as our Savior and Lord.
We believe that the church is the body of Christ led by the Spirit and the Word – a worshipping community in which members care for one another; a serving community, Christ’s presence in the world.

What We Will Do

  1. We will live in close relationship with God, nurtured by daily communion with Him through prayer and the study of his Word.
  2. We will meet often for worship, fellowship and service.
  3. We will endeavour to be family to those who have no other family. We will support our families with love, patience, understanding and forgiveness.
  4. Our children are a part of our congregational life. We will encourage and accept the gifts they bring us; we will nurture our children through example and formal teaching.
  5. We will care for each other by providing spiritual and material support, encouragement, forgiveness and healing.
  6. We will be a community in which each can confess openly his or her struggles and expect to give and receive counsel in a spirit of acceptance and love.
  7. We will help each other discover and develop our gifts and talents and seek ways in which they can be used to serve God.
  8. In response to God’s call to be good stewards we will be accountable to each other in the use of all that God has entrusted to us and covenant together to discover how to live simply so that more of our time, money and the resources of the earth will be available to those in need.
  9. In obedience to Christ’s command to go into all the world with the gospel, we will relate our personal faith to our daily lives so that we will tell of God’s love and saving grace and be instruments to bring God’s peace and justice to our homes, communities and world.