At the Danforth Mennonite Church, “Outreach” includes any programme or activity which involves our neighbours.

Sunday School is open to anyone – from young children to adults – although our members form the majority of attendees. This program runs from mid-September through June. Adults are welcome to join us at 10am on Sundays; children ages 4 and up have their Sunday School program during the 11am worship service.

Vacation Bible Camp runs for one week during the summer. Contact us for details!

Special Event Learning may include seminars, Bible or book studies occur throughout the year.

Membership Classes are held as requested. Some who attend decide not to join, and we respect that decision.

TOOLS is Toronto Ontario Opportunities to Learn and Serve: this program regularly uses the Danforth Mennonite Church as a base. TOOLS provides rural young people a chance to serve Torontonians whose lives are more difficult than most. TOOLS is an outreach program of MCC Ontario.

Lazarus Rising is a street mission in Toronto. Various members of our church are involved in supporting this mission. Lazarus Rising is an outreach program of MCC Ontario.

Ten Thousand Villages is a chain of retail stores which feature fair-trade goods from third-world countries. Several members of our church have been involved in various Ten Thousand Villages stores in Toronto.

Some of us provide dinner music, one Friday per month during the winter at the Eastminster United Church to support the Out of the Cold programme.

We provide one board member for the Mennonite New Life Centre of Toronto, which assists refugees and newcomers to Canada.

We serve Sloppy Joes (and a vegetarian version, too) at the annual Black Creek Pioneer Village Relief Sale which raises funds for MCC (Mennonite Central Committee). This sale, featuring a quilt auction, is held on the 3rd Saturday of September.

Our church sponsors the local Mennonite Voluntary Service unit. We began in the fall of 2003 with three MVSers. This programme brings young adults to Toronto to work for great organizations, like Habitat for Humanity or SCOC, often as a conscience-based alternative to serving in their country’s military. (See our MVS page for more details, or the MVS Service Adventure site).

Over twenty-five years ago, the Danforth Mennonite and the Toronto United Mennonite churches developed the St. Clair O’Connor Community, an intergenerational community with a nursing home, apartments for seniors to live independently, and townhouse units for families. Both churches continue to be represented on SCOC’s Board of Directors. From the outset, SCOC has served both Mennonites and the general public.