Listen To A Service

In January 2013, we began recording our Sunday morning services in a new format. Later that summer, we began to upload the collection to the “Internet cloud”. Currently we only record the audio portion of the services, and omit the portion where we share our joys and concerns for congregational prayer.

We plan to keep as many as Google Drive can hold, and then eliminate the oldest once it is full.

Click for our available recorded worship services at Danforth Mennonite Church.

How to Listen to a Service

Clicking the link opens a new browser window, which lists the services by the numeric date: year-month-day. The oldest are at the top of the page; the newest at the bottom.

Click the service you want to hear.

It may say “No Preview Available”, but it does allow you to choose “Download” or “Open” in the bottom right corner of your screen. Click either “Download” or “Open“.

Click the various “download” options until it believes you.

Wait while the audio file downloads. You will be prompted to “save” or “open” (or “play”). Eventually you will be able play the .mp3 file of that day’s worship service at the Danforth Mennonite Church.